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There are many apps available on which you can watch videos, songs, documentaries, other programs of entertainment and much more. They are usually online applications and work only with internet is available. Many programs are our favorite and we want to watch them again and again. As we know internet is not available everywhere. So, we are unable to watch them.

For resolving this situation an app is built named as iTube App, now download video content from YouTube, Facebook and any other video site. The app is beautifully designed to play your online videos again without even having internet. You can find your played videos on the same application as cache data.

iTube APK

iTube APK – a video downloading app allow you to download video not only from YouTube but also Facebook, Dailymotion and other online video website. It is one of the most demanding app by this time as it is not required any tedious process for entertainment.

You can also play music in background while you are using other apps in your phone. The best thing is it works can work without internet.

iTube app has very simple means of working. The app is designed in a way that is has a search bar on which you can search your desired audiovisual content. Once you play the video, you will get a notification in which you are informed that the video is downloading.You can add this video in the playlist which you have already made. Now adding this video can be played again and again without requiring internet.

itube apk
itube apk

Your playlist have a shuffle button by which you can play videos randomly.

All the videos once opened over here became a cache data. It is not actual downloaded apps to which you stored in your device memory or SD card. iTube requires small space and it is safe for the device. You can search on this app either by name, artist or title.

iTube pro is its premium version where you can unlock all the feature of the app. And enjoy the fast downloading speed and video buffering. Its pro version remove ads on the video and provide you smooth video streaming.

It is free to install and all of the YouTube videos can be played successfully using iTube app. Its minimum operating system requirement is Android 4.0.

iTube APK Features

  • Linked with YouTube videos
  • Search bar for audiovisual contents
  • Can get desired videos either by name, artist or title
  • Requires less space
  • Once the video is added in playlist, it can be played again and again
  • No need of internet for playing pre-played videos
  • Playlist can be created
  • Shuffle button for random videos
  • Safe and sound
  • Supporting all the devices

How to Download & Install iTube APK

iTuebe is one of the best video exploring and downloading app, you can get its apk file from the following link.

After getting its .apk file install it in your device. iTube is a third party app. Before installation, you need to allow the permissions from the ‘Unknown Source’ so that the app can be installed successfully.

After installation, make your account on the iTube so that you can easily use it.


iTube APK Download


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iTube Apk For Pc Laptop Windows 10/8/7/8.1



iTube Pro pro APK



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