Ludo Star Mod Apk Android & iOS Download Latest Version (*Hack Unlimited Coins*)

Ludo Start Mod APK – get unlimited diamonds and coins, beat your opponents with this amazing game.

Traditional Ludo game is really popular in subcontinent and played among families at night when ever they gathered. But in the busy world, its really difficult to play such games, because of busy routine and touch social life. It become difficult for people to gather a one place and play this game. As the technology is increasing day by day, the trend of playing online games is become very popular.

Ludo Star is the best game to which you can play either online or offline. Its same like traditional Ludo game in you smartphone. Now, the player are anywhere in the world can play this game, and enjoy their moments together. You can play Ludo Star Mod Apk star with your family, friends and relatives from anywhere on your smart phone.

Ludo Star Mod Apk Download

Ludo Star Mod Apk is the most popular worldwide game, works like your traditional Ludo game but in a modern way. It has amazing features that make its users addict of it. It a modified apk file of the official app, ludo start hack version allow you to get unlimited diamonds, coins and interesting graphics that you will not have in official.

Ludo Star Mod Apk Hack (Version Info)

App Name
Ludo Star Mod Apk
Last Updated
9 Sep 2018
Total Downloads
Apk Size
13 MB

Ludo Star GamePlay

The game has many different modes and features. You can play it alone, as well as with your partner. You can play with up to 4 members as in ludo board game. Ludo star allows the users to chat within the game with interesting emojis. This feature is often absent in many other gaming application.

You play Ludo star with your friends as you can also connect to Facebook. There are 3 different modes of Ludo Star:

  1. In classic mode, you have to bring all of your counters within the home with the help of rolling dice.
  2. In quick mode, move a single counter in home as early as possible or we can say before your opponent to win the match.
  3. Master mode will give you an option to make a wall counters to block the movement of opponent’s counters.

Blocking their way make them unable to move further so that you will win the game. Winning matches will results in the form of coins and gems. Collect as much coins as you can and become the Ludo star.

You can play with persons of other countries. It’s a very smart way of playing as well as socializing. You can participate in league which is an international match between the players having maximum coins.

Rules of Ludo star includes rolling the dice and move your counters according to numbers appear. To enter your counter in the playing area, you need a six. If there would come any other number. Pass the dice onto the next player.

Consecutive six numbers on dice cannot be played in yard. But if there would a six appear on dice during the game, you can again throw the dice as a bonus roll. Similarly, 2 six would also gives you a chance of bonus roll.

Every player must have play with its own dicing number. Passing is not allowed in game. If there is no moving option, pass the dice to the next player. You can also remove counters of your opponents with having same numbers in dice on which their counters are present in yard.

The game is very easy, common and interesting to play. Using gems will allow you to throw dice one more time. Make more coins and gems and be a Ludo star.

Ludo Star Mod Apk Features

  • 3 interesting modes
  • Can be played online as well as offline
  • Multiple players can also play
  • Connect with friends
  • Do chat within the game
  • Play Ludo with Facebook friends

How to Download and Install Ludo Star Mod APK

Now, say good bye to your traditional Ludo game, and play it in your smartphone. It is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. You can download its official latest versions directly from Play Store and App Store. Or download ludo start mod APK file in your device to install it in your device. Ludo Star hack download button is given below.

After downloading ludo star mod apk file just follow the installation process give below:

Download Ludo Star Apk Mod

Download Ludo Star Apk Mod Android

Download Ludo Star Apk Mod PC Windows(10,8,8.1,7) Laptop

Ludo Star – Apps on Google Play


Ludo STAR on the App Store – iTunes – Apple ios



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