Socratic by Google apk download

Introduction :

This is the application which helps mostly to the students . this application is made specially for the students . if you have any problem in your study this application will help you to solve all your issues related to your study in any subject. this application contain all question of every subject  .

Features :

(1) An study application .

(2) solve all questions .

(3) easy to use .

(4) helps you in your study .

(5) just take a photo and find your answer ‘

(6) this will make your study strong .

How to use :

  • this application is easy to use.
  • just download this application to phone.
  • then go to main interface of that application.
  • take a picture from question and get the solution of that question ,.
  • you also get related videos’ of your question.
  • this app contain every subject.
  • if you have any issue in any subject this application will help you to find a better answer of that question

Benefits of Socratic application ;

  • an easy way to solve your problems .
  • this application will give you accurate answer in very short time .
  • if you have your course content take picture of your course content  and get answer’
  • this application guide you in your subject .

App size : 8.9 mb

Update date : 21 Oct 2020

Downloads : 10,000,000+ downloads

Conclusion ;

This application is related to study work . this application is made for students who have problems in question this application wi9ll help you to answer your question .this application have all subjects for example mathematic, physics , biology ,chemistry or an any other subjects .


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